Recycling Your Items Without Using A Recycling Center

Posted on: 6 April 2016

If you have a lot of items in your home that could easily be thrown away but you'd rather recycle them, you don't necessarily have to drag them to your local recycling center. In fact, many household items can be donated or recycled in other creative ways. While gathering up your aluminum beer and soda cans is still a great way to make a little extra money and help the environment, some things are not as easily recycled using the traditional methods. Here are few things you can do to recycle the stuff you no longer use so you can avoid it heading to the landfill.

Office Supplies

Instead of tossing out your empty printer cartridges, consider having them refilled so you can use them again. It's much less costly than buying brand new ones, and you'll avoid tossing that not so earth friendly plastic into the trash. If you no longer use your cartridges, you can also look for places who will happily accept them for reuse and some might even pay you a flat rate per cartridge. When it comes to packing peanuts and cardboard boxes, most local shipping centers will gladly accept them for use in their store. Some might even offer you a shipping discount as thanks for donating. 

Technology Items

If you've recently upgraded your cell phone, there are plenty of organizations who will happily take your old one to refurbish and sell or donate it someone else. Alternatively, you could consider selling the old model online to make a small profit. Computer monitors and television sets should never be thrown away since the components inside use chemicals that can cause serious harm to the local water supply. Look for local churches or schools who are in need of these items, or you can take them to a place that specializes in recycling electronic items. Charities are also happy to take your old appliances as long as they're in good working order.


Don't just toss your old shoes or clothing into the trash. Instead, consider donating them to local women's shelters, homeless shelters, or veteran's programs. Many people are in need of well taken care of coats, shoes, and pants and you can do a good deed in the process. Other programs will take old tennis shoes and turn them into products like yoga mats and athletic flooring. When it comes to getting rid of things you no longer use. thinks outside of the realm of a traditional recycling center and find new ways to bring these items back to life. Click here for more info about recycling.