A Guide To Commercial Recycling Services

Posted on: 3 November 2016

Commercial recycling is a program that your business may be interested in, but unless you have a sustainability specialist on your team, you might have many logistical questions about how to bring together a working plan. Here is a guide to getting started with commercial recycling services.

What Services Do they Offer?

When you first sign on with a recycling company, you will want to see that they offer a wide range of useful services so that you can be hands-off about your recycling. Some recycling companies handle both landfill hauling and recycling, for instance.

What Items Are Recyclable?

This all depends on your recycling service. Some companies only take the most common types of recyclable items, such as paper, plastics, and metals. But some will recycle more difficult items. For instance, batteries may need to be recycled with care, and only certain facilities can handle the process.

What Factors Affect the Cost?

The cost of recycling services depends on many factors. The volume of waste matters, as does the frequency of pickups. Some companies give discounts on recycled material hauling versus garbage hauling, which is a great reason to get your employees enthused about recycling. Your cost could also depend on the number of pickups per week and the type of materials recycled.

How Much Work Is Involved?

That, again, depends on how you set up your recycling plan. In the best of cases, your recycling service will schedule regular pickups and haul items off site so that you don't have to worry about it. They may even sort the recycling for the garbage for you, so that you don't have to worry about employees who throw items into the wrong receptacle. And if your recycling company also does garbage hauling, then you can streamline the process even further.

How Can I Get My Employees to Participate?

Finally, many managers worry that if they set up a recycling program, it will be just one more thing that they have to oversee on a busy schedule. For the most part, many employees are cooperative with recycling plans. For others, a bit of education helps; if employees don't know which receptacles to use and what's recyclable, they may give up on putting in effort. And sometimes, an initial incentive, such as a team prize for the team who recycles the most content, can help to get the ball rolling and introduce people to a new recycling program.

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