3 Things You Can Do With Your Old Computer

Posted on: 9 December 2016

If you purchased a new computer during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, or anticipate getting a new computer for Christmas, you are going to need to do something with your old computer. Instead of letting your old computer sit in your closet or under your bed gathering dust, here are three other things that you can do with your old computer.

#1 Recycling

Even though your old computer no longer has the latest technology inside of it that does not mean that its components are no longer useful. Many components inside of your computer can be recycling, from the plastic that makes up the keyboard, to the glass that makes up your monitor to the metal that make up the chips inside of your computer.  Additionally, there are some components inside of your computer that should not just be thrown away because they are toxic, such as cadmium that need to be disposed of properly so they don't leak into the ground water supply while wasting away in a landfill.

There are many free computer recycling programs. Many major computer sellers, resellers and home and office stores offer free or low-cost recycling programs so that you can put your old computer to good use. Contact one, such as NILO TECH ECYCLING, for more information. 

#2 Reuse

Just because you no longer have any use for your old computer does not mean that someone else could not get some use out of it. Many organizations, such as churches, community non-profits and schools are always trying to get their hands on more technology. You could clean your hard drive and donate your computer to one of these organizations. They could get a lot of use out of your old computer.

#3 Upgrade

Don't assume that your old computer has to disappear. You may be able to easily upgrade your old computer and get some use out of it. You can generally easily add more RAM to your old computer to make it faster, or increase the hardware capacity. You can even update the graphic card to improve the image.

If you would like to have aa back-up computer for work or school, consider fixing up your old computer so that it better suits your needs and allows you to have two working computers, your new one and your old one, instead of just one. Investing in upgrading your old computer can allow you to have a great back-up to your new computer. 

Don't let your old computer collect dust; upgrade it and find a new use for it, donate it to an organization that can use it, or recycle it. All three of these options are better than letting your old computer turn into a dust collector.