That's So Metal: The Importance Of Recycling Scrap Metal

Posted on: 29 September 2022

It happens all the time; you might consume a food product or drink a soda and chuck the container into the nearest trash can. But do you know that many common items such as these contain metal components that can easily be recycled? Read on for a quick look into scrap metal and why it's important to do your part in recycling!

What Counts as Scrap Metal?

It is first good to have a good understanding of what counts as scrap metal. The truth is that scrap metal can be found nearly everywhere! From furniture to devices that use technology, soda cans, and even food packaging, scrap metal can be seen in your everyday life and in a myriad of places. If you're unsure of whether or not your item would count as scrap metal, consider placing a laminated placard near your recycling bin. This will provide a clear visual guide as to what you can toss in the trash versus what you can recycle. For larger metal items or items that are associated with technology, however, it's best to simply bring those into a recycling plant for proper disposal. 

Environmental Impacts

Many consumers do not realize the full environmental consequences that may arise from failing to recycle scrap metal properly. While some may just assume that this waste will not cause harm, the truth is that the effects it can have on the environment and wildlife can be devastating. When metals break down over time, they can release toxic components into the surrounding area. Not only does this create more physical waste, but also seeps into the earth itself which affects plant life and vegetation. Likewise, the impacts on wildlife can be catastrophic when it comes to metal toxins invading their home, contaminating nearby water sources, and disrupting their life cycles. 

Habits for a Better World

By having a clear understanding of why it's important to recycle scrap metal, you can take those habits and make them a regular occurrence. By doing your own part in the recycling process, you can take an active part in resolving this problem. Make recycling a daily habit for all materials and encourage those around you to do the same! Visiting a local recycling facility can also provide you with a closer look at what goes into the processing aspect of recycling scrap metals and other materials. So anytime you need to discard an item that may contain scrap metal, do your part and kick it to the recycling curb! 

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